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Tips und Hinweise, die du noch nicht gewusst hast :D

Diskutiere Tips und Hinweise, die du noch nicht gewusst hast :D im Fallout 4 Forum im Bereich Rollenspiele; Cool Tipps und Hinweise die du noch nicht gewusst hast schöne sammlung aus reddit. copy+paste Fallout 4 Tips Everyone Should Know https://www.reddit.c...ne_should_know/by Dyloop95 GENERAL Sell ...

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    Tips und Hinweise, die du noch nicht gewusst hast :D

    Cool Tipps und Hinweise die du noch nicht gewusst hast
    schöne sammlung aus reddit.


    Fallout 4 Tips Everyone Should Know
    https://www.reddit.c...ne_should_know/by Dyloop95


    Sell Fusion Cores to traders before they run out, you will get much more for a partially charged core, over an empty core.
    Pickpocket enemies with power armor to steal their Fusion Cores, this will cause them to leave the armor, and you can steal the frame
    The Lone Wanderer perk still provides bonuses with Dog Meat as a companion
    When Leaving your power armor remove the Fusion Core so no one will decide to use it.
    When hacking look for [],(), <>,and {} with anything in between the brackets, clicking the leftmost bracket will reset your attempts to give you more tries, or remove dud words from the list.
    Try to always carry a weapon of each ammo type, that way you are less likely to be completely out of ammo.
    Some companions can pick locks and hack terminals for you. More specifically: Cait for lockpicking, Nick Valentine for hacking
    You can tag specific crafting materials by going into your junk section in your inventory, and switch to material view.
    There is no level cap. Don't fret about spending perk points. The game's enemies don't scale with you, but they do get harder farther from the start, and the farthest away points of the map have level 50 enemies. There's no shortage of things to take down and no shortage of points to get strong enough to do it.
    To force a companion to equip, or apparel switch to their inventory in the trade menu, and a button will show up to have the npc equip the item. ( "T" for PC, "Y" for Xbox, "Triangle" for PS4)
    For Power Armor: sprinting, strong melee attacks and VATs drain your Fusion Core faster than walking or standing still.
    Fast Travel in Power Armor doesn't use and Fusion Core battery, and you can still fast travel with no charge in the core.
    You can zoom in on the pip boy by right clicking.


    You do not need to break down junk items to get components by hand the game will do it for you if the junk items are stored in your settlement workbench or inventory. Extra resources will be deposited in your settlement workbench.(It may take some time to appear)
    You can grow your own adhesive by cooking Vegetable Starch with Corn, Tato, Muttfruit, and Purified Water.
    When naming weapons, put a hyphen or space at the beginning of the name (EX: -gun name), and those weapons will default to the top of the list in your pip-boy.(Thanks: CromeDaBeast)
    If you look at the Junk section of your inventory you can switch to a list of all the components your junk breaks down into (with C on PC). In that list you can set or remove a search tag.
    When you upgrade a weapon, the current mod will be placed in your inventory. If you transfer all mods to your workbench, if you put that upgrade on another weapon, it will use the mod before crafting a new one.
    You can salvage weapon sights by modifying the weapon with the no sights attachment, which costs no resources to make.
    If a gun/armour has a mod you can't build, you can still swap the mod out and install it on another weapon.


    When building settlements you can raise and lower objects by holding E and using scroll wheel on PC, X and L1/R1 on PS4
    When building your first settlement use E to move the initial workbenches instead of scrapping them.
    You can remove the radiation from Starlight Drive by scrapping the barrels in the center, and the Unrusted Crashed Car.
    Water pumps, farms, and traders deposit the Items and Caps they produce into the workbench.
    To help place objects in hard places use a small rug then place the object on the rug, pick up the rug and the item will remain attached but the game uses the rugs collision detection.(This allows you to clip objects into walls!)
    To assign settlers select them in the crafting screen then select the object you want them to work
    Settlers can work up to 6 Food at a time. Meaning a settler can tend to 12 plants that produce .5 food each.
    To reduce raider attacks make sure your defense state is higher than food + water.
    Highlighting a settler in workshop mode will also highlight anything he's assigned to.
    Fast Travel in between settlements will instantly grow all crops that have a settler assigned to them.
    When your selecting something through the workshop build interface if you press and hold the move command(Press and hold [E]) this will pickup all items attached(or very close) to the object you are picking up. (Be careful as if your walls are all attached you can pickup very large parts of your settlement!)

    PSA: There is an unlimited, renewable source of home-grown adhesive
    https://www.reddit.c...able_source_of/ by jredwards

    By now I presume everyone is frustrated about finding adhesive, which to this point is the limiting factor on all of my crafting. For a while it was fun to have to decide which mod I wanted before I went out scavenging again, but no more. Here's the details:

    There is a recipe in the cooking menu under util called 'vegetable starch'. I accidentally discovered that vegetable paste breaks down into adhesive. Specifically, FIVE adhesive.
    The recipe calls for 3 each of mutfruit, corn, and tato. All of these can be grown at your settlement, giving you a permanent supply of each. It may take a while to get the operation spun up (not long -- see below for getting started), but since you can harvest and replant, you should be able to get a massive amount of each, eventually.
    The recipe also calls for one purified water. If I'd told you that you could turn one purified water into five adhesive, you'd probably be pretty happy, but it gets better. If you build a water purifier in your settlement, you will occasionally get purified water deposited at the workshop. I built an industrial sized water purifier in the river at Sanctuary, and when I went to check I found 31 purified water in my workshop. Also a good source of health.

    All you have to decide now is what you're gonna name that gun you wanted to build.
    additional hints to get you started:

    There's a ton of tato at Abernathy Farm, TenPines Bluff, and GreyGarden. There's also a ton of corn and mutfruit at GreyGarden. Use these to start your own operation!
    There's also a ton of mutfruit and tato in Diamond City, northeast of the market. There are actually two fields of it, one is much bigger. Thanks for the tip u/BoyWonder343
    It may be advisable to drop the paste and scrap it by hand to get the five adhesive. I'm still unclear on whether using it at the workshop will consume the entire item and you'll lose the rest, or if the rest goes into your workshop inventory. Whether or not this happens is hotly debated (see comments). I haven't tested it myself. Tentatively declaring this myth busted following many posts.


    According to u/Ommageden, you can also get purified water from Codsworth
    For everyone asking about finding screws: The scrapper perk will allow you to get rarer materials from breaking down guns. All of those pipe pistols you find will give you screws and copper if they have mods on them, even [censored] mods. (side note: you can remove and keep the good mods by replacing them with [censored]tier mods).
    A lot of people are saying they have a ton of adhesive and don't need more. Adhesive isn't necessarily that hard to find, but almost all of the leather armor mods and firearm mods use a ton of it, so us sneaky sniper gun nut types are always out. It's found in much smaller quantities than, say, steel, which you can get by the bucketload. As you build better and better mods, they start using more and more adhesive.
    GreyGarden is here (thanks u/tiwuno)
    Guys, it's under COOKING, not chemistry. You want a firepit and a pot, not a bench and a beaker.
    D'awww. Thanks for the gold. I think I can craft something with this.
    It's called vegetable starch, not vegetable paste. Thanks for the couple of people who pointed that out.
    Several people have suggested that the crops will be automatically deposited in your workbench space, but as far as I can tell, you have to harvest it yourself. But it seems to grow back basically every time you visit.

    Electricity and You: How to Power Your Settlement
    https://www.reddit.c...our_settlement/by Th0rsen

    If something says it requires Power with NO number beside it then it only requires a Pylon or Conduit near it.
    If something says it requires Power with a number beside it then it requires a WIRE be connected to it from a power source.

    Place a Generator (does not give a sphere of power)
    Connect a wire from your Generator to a Pylon or a Conduit by pressing the Space Bar while in the Workshop menu.

    Every single Pylon and Conduit provides power in a sphere of influence measuring two walls in length.
    The "Switch" item provides power in a sphere of influence measuring one wall in length.
    I have been using Conduits to power my homes and Pylons to bring wires over open areas like so: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    Since Pylons and Conduits give a sphere of power I recommend placing Conduits on your house every three wall lengths (3.4 at most)
    Jukeboxes are the exception and do not require a wired connection.
    I will post more on the other misc power items if this becomes popular. If anyone can provide better visuals I will post and credit you.
    Can a conduits power sphere give power to another conduit?
    No YES! As long as the conduit is wired. You can't just have a bunch of unwired Conduits chaining together shown here
    I followed what you said and my lights still aren't turning on
    Try re-placing the source of the power or the light, the game is buggy.

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    Hallo R3cki,

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    Traps require a wired connection however they they are an exception to the rule that wired connections subtract from your power, they do NOT subtract from your total power supply, therefore you can place as many as you like.
    -Traps need to be repaired once they have been activated and this costs resources. For this reason alone I personally prefer Turrets.
    -Laser Tripwires need to be manually reactivated before repairing your traps or they will go off again! There might be a way to have a Laser Tripwire auto-reactivate but I haven't found a way to do that.
    -Pressure Plates do not have to be reactivated so I recommend these.

    Tesla Arc fires off beams roughly 2 meters in length of electricity in random (including shooting downward into the ground!) directions for 15s.
    Radiation Emitter sprays up a cloud of radiation about the size of your character upward in a short burst. A decently fast moving target will completely avoid this trap.
    Flamethrower Trap sprays a continuous stream roughly 1 meter in length of fire straight ahead for 15s.

    -To activate a trap you will need a Laser Tripwire, Pressure Plate, or a Switch of some kind (tripwire or pressure plate recommended)
    -Trap activation occurs when power is supplied to the trap (connecting a wire from a pylon directly to a trap will cause the trap to instantly go off), the trap is repaired, and as long the circuit is not broken by an unrepaired trap.

    Laser Tripwire: if it is deactivated then it supplies power to what it is connected to. Deactivation occurs when something passes through the laser beam (even you!)
    Pressure Plate: if weight (even your own!) is applied to the Pressure Plate then it supplies power to what it is connected to. Pressure Plates do not need to be reactivated.

    Here I will list a few things I have learned about switches and how to make them work. What you can do with them I'll leave to much smarter people.
    -Switches in and of themselves are fairly useless, they need a Terminal to help them out (Power > Misc > Terminal)
    -A Terminal can access any switch that is in your power grid (the grid the Terminal is wired to) and can access them with no meaningful range limitations.
    -The DELAYED OFF SWITCH and DELAYED ON SWITCH don't seem to be playing by the same rules, I can't get them to work consistently. The delay, which is what the Terminal changes, refers to the time between you hitting the switch and it returning to its original state either on or off.

    Delayed Off Switch will not transmit power until the switch receives power from either you hitting the switch or the switch receiving new power (words escape me right now)
    Delayed On Switch opposite of the above
    Interval Switch will go from ON to OFF on its own back and forth. The time it stays in each state is programmed at the Terminal (up to 10 seconds). For Example you can set it to be ON for 10 seconds and OFF for 2 seconds then ON for 10 seconds and OFF for 2 seconds again on repeat.
    Power Counter will transmit power after the determined time has passed. Time programmed at the Terminal (a number between 1 and 9). You can set these up back to back and setup some lengthy timers.

    EXAMPLE: You have an Interval Switch set to 2 seconds on and 2 seconds off which is connected to CounterA (set to 3) which is connected to Counter B (set to 3) which is connected to a Light. Switch > A > B > Light. The light will turn on after exactly one minute, turn off 2 seconds later, and 2 seconds after it turns off the process starts again.

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    fenriir |f13|
    das ja n buch!

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    Predator X
    Kannst Du das nicht wenigstens mal übersetzen und schön formatieren ?

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    hähä ne. klickt auf den link, da is schöner sortiert
    nur so viel

    da sind einige hinweise dabei die ich mit lvl39 nach +70h auf survival noch nicht wusste!


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    Predator X
    So, ich hatte jetzt mal 5 Minuten Zeit, hier die Übersetzung:


    • Verkaufe die Fusionskeren an Händler kurz bevor sie komplett erschöpft sind - so bekommst Du dafür viel mehr Geld.
    • Gegnern in Power-Rüstungen kannst Du per Taschendiebstahl den Fusionskern entwenden, was sie dazu veranlässt, die Rüstung zu verlassen.
    • Die Fähigkeit "Einsamerer Wander" (gibt mehr Tragekapazität und Schadenresistenz, wenn man alleine unterwegs ist) ignoriert Dogmeat als Begleiter.
    • Wenn ihr eure Power-Rüstung verlasst, nehmt den Fusionskern mit - so steigt kein anderer in selbige.
    • Beim Hacken: Sucht nach vollständigen Klammern, also (), <>, [] oder {} (können auch eine Reihe von Sonderzeichen enthalten). Diese "Wörter" entfernen entweder einen Falscheintrag oder füllen eure Versuche auf.
    • Ihr solltet immer eine Waffe für jeden Munitionstyp dabeihaben, damit ihr nicht plötzlich ohne Munition und damit ohne Waffe dasteht.
    • Einige Begleiter können für euch Terminals hacken oder Schlößer knacken. Genauer: Cait kann Schlösser knacken, Nick kann Terminals hacken.
    • Spezielles Crafting-Material kann man für die Suche im Inventar unter Schrott kennzeichnen.
    • Es gibt keine Level-Begrenzung, also macht euch keine Gedanken wegen verschwendeten Fähigkeitspunkten. Die Stärke der Gegner im Spiel skaliert sich nach eurem Level, allerdings hängt ihre Stärke auch von ihrem Standort in der Welt ab. Die am weitesten entferntesten Gegner sind Stufe 50. Es wird weder einen Mangel an Fähigkeitspunkten geben noch an Möglichkeiten diese zu erwerben - so könnt ihr so stark werden wie ihr wollt.
    • Um eure Begleiter zu zwingen ensprechende Ausrüstung zu wechseln müsst ihr in ihrem Inventar die Objekte, die getragen werden soll, anwählen und Y drücken. An dem viereckigen Kasten vor dem Item erkennt ihr, dass die jeweilige Rüstung/Waffe ausgerüstet ist.
    • In Power-Rüstungen wird der Kern schneller leer, wenn ihr sprintet, springt, Nahkampf-Angriffe ausführt oder das V.A.T.S. verwendet.
    • Schnellreisen hingegen verbraucht nicht mehr Fusionskern-Energie und ist auch möglich, wenn der Kern leer ist.
    • Per Rechtsklick (wahrscheinlich Klick auf den rechten Stick) kann man an den PipBoy heranzoomen.


    • Ihr müsst euren Schrott nicht selber in Einzelteile zerlegen, das Spiel tut das selber mit dem Schrott in eurem Inventar oder dem Lager der Werkbank. Nach einiger Zeit erscheinen auch von selbst neue Ressourcen in den Lägern eurer Siedlungen.
    • Ihr könnt euren eigenen Kleber "kochen", dazu benötigt ihr: Mais, Tato, Mutabeere und aufbereitetes Wasser.
    • Wenn ihr euren Waffen einen Namen gebt, macht zu Beginn einen Bindestich oder ein Leerzeichen (z.B. "-Rosen-Sturmgewehr"), damit es im PipBoy an erster Stelle angezeigt wird.
    • In eurem Inventar, im Schrott-Bereich, könnt ihr die Ansicht wechseln zwischen den Items und deren Einzelteilen - dort kann man auch einzelne Materialien für die Suche im Ödland markieren.
    • When you upgrade a weapon, the current mod will be placed in your inventory. If you transfer all mods to your workbench, if you put that upgrade on another weapon, it will use the mod before crafting a new one.
    • You can salvage weapon sights by modifying the weapon with the no sights attachment, which costs no resources to make.
    • If a gun/armour has a mod you can't build, you can still swap the mod out and install it on another weapon.

    Die letzten drei Dinge hier bezüglich Waffenmods ergeben für mich in der Übersetzung keinen Sinn, habe mich aber auch IG noch nicht groß damit beschäftigt... wenn das jemand vernünftig übersetzen kann, nur zu.

    Rest folgt.

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