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The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Reviews/Tests/Wertungen

Diskutiere The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Reviews/Tests/Wertungen im The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Forum im Bereich Rollenspiele; Gamepressure - 10 So what’s the final verdict about the second expansion to Witcher 3? Blood and Wine is an adventure spanning many hours during ...

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    The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine Reviews/Tests/Wertungen

    Gamepressure - 10
    So what’s the final verdict about the second expansion to Witcher 3? Blood and Wine is an adventure spanning many hours during which we'll get even more of what we’re already familiar with and a couple of new things thrown in the mix. Those of you who thought that Hearts of Stone had too much talk and too little action will be pleased this time. At the same time, those who praised the consistency of the plot and the unusual approach to the narrative in the adventure starring Master Mirror can rest assured that this story is just as unusual. Every story, however, must come to an end, and I can say without a hint of doubt that this ending is satisfying in every respect.

    Twinfinite - 5/5
    To spend my final moments here was quite fitting – the darkness laying just beneath a dazzling surface, the vast threads meeting to create either your happy ending or your bittersweet reminders, and the adventures small and large that led there. It has been a life well lived, and if there are to be no more adventures, then a villa in Toussaint doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

    PC Gamer - 94
    Frankly if one of these expansions came out every year I'd still be playing The Witcher 3 in 2020. However, this is a fine end. Fantasy RPGs like this offer us the chance to walk through the pages of pulp fantasy fiction, to stand opposite the witches, wizards and wights of those stories. Even if we can't form our own words, or ultimately greatly affect the stories they tell, the semblance is powerful enough. Even in its immutable, heavily cutscene-driven form, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine is an accomplished piece of genre fiction with some characters I'll come to miss. Pour a goblet of the red stuff and join them, you won't be disappointed.

    IGN - 9
    Blood and Wine ends the saga of Geralt of Rivia in style, bringing with it a tale of charming vampires and troublesome friendship set in a stunning new landscape that departs from the bleakness we've known until now. The expansion also brings some welcome gameplay enhancements, including mutations, the ability to dye armor, and a vineyard for growing herbs. Most of all, it leaves Geralt in a good place.

    Destructoid - 9
    However many little nagging issues I have with Wild Hunt (the combat is still a bit too simplistic), Blood and Wine is the best The Witcher has ever been since the first game. I came in merely expecting a bigger Hearts of Stone, but ended up getting something more expansive in nearly every sense of the word.

    Shacknews - 9
    Overall Blood and Wine is an excellent addition to the Witcher 3 universe. The new enemies, redesigned UI, and exceptionally well-crafted new land to explore are all pluses in my book. The main questline introduced for the expansion is intriguing, and gives much more insight into the world that Geralt has spent his life adventuring through. In the final moments CDPR brings everything together to really help the player’s impact on the world feel more real, and it’s something that very few developers have ever managed to really accomplish.

    Videogamer - 9
    Arguably, Blood & Wine is just more Witcher 3, but it goes to great lengths to distinguish itself. Tonally, as mentioned, but visually too. Golden sun-kissed vegetation, a glistening river and a pointy fairytale castle right in the middle are the first things you see in Toussaint. It’s a glorious image, and fitting one for a character who is being put out to pasture. That he’s given the opportunity to take the piss out of aristocratic fools, take their money for fixing their stupid problems and, now, head back to his vineyard for a kip, is everything I wanted for him at the end of his journey. There is wit and wisdom here that was always detectable in The Witcher games, but never quite so accomplished as it is in these, his final hours.

    Gamesradar - 4.5/5
    Blood and Wine isn't really concerned with reinvention, though. Like its wandering hero, The Witcher 3 may be set in its ways, but it's really good at what it does - in The Witcher's case, that means providing a captivating world to explore, well-thought-out and morally ambiguous scenarios to quest through, and countless beasts to slay. It may be Geralt of Rivia's last video game outing, but this final expansion is a hell of a way to go.

    Eurogamer - "Essential"
    The lack of upgrades on offer may be disappointing, but the vineyard is nonetheless a great tone setter for Blood and Wine. It creates the sense that Geralt's time as a Witcher (and our time with Geralt) is drawing to a close; that there may soon come a time when he puts down the sword and adopts a quieter lifestyle. It's a tone that resonates throughout the expansion, maintaining a sense of poignancy and reflection in a region of pomp and excess. All in all, Blood and Wine is a fitting swansong for The Witcher 3. It's a playful goodbye, but also a testament to what made the series so good in the first place. It brings a vibrant new perspective to the world of The Witcher while remaining true to the gritty, medieval P.I gameplay that made it great in the first place. It's an emotional yet mirthful fairytale; one every Witcher fan ought to experience.


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    Shoouss Lullaby
    Gute Wertungen, war ja auch nicht anders zu erwarten.. Vorbestellt und freue mich drauf

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    werds mir auch holen war von hearts of stone schon so begeistert

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    Wird genial!

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    Mit dem Expansion Pass konnte ich heute Mittag Blood and Wine schon installieren. Dann musste ich erstmal ausschalten weil hier ein Gewitter war. Nach 16 Uhr hab ich dann den Patch runtergeladen und konnte dann auch Blood and Wine spielen. Keine Ahnung ob es von MS ein Fehler war, dass man es schon spielen konnte. An das neue Interface muss man sich erstmal gewöhnen. Morgen find ich hoffentlich mehr Zeit ?

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    Was man kann es schon zocken?

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    Ja ging Gestern schon....allerdings ist der komplette DLC ohne Erfolge, also nicht wundern

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    Kann mir jemand bitte sagen warum mein spielstand von vor 3 Tagen nicht da ist? Spiele offline und wenn ich speichere und dann auf laden gehe, sehe ich den manuellen Speicherstand nicht.

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    klIckX bT
    Gestern die erste Stunde gespielt. Wieder sehr genial. Geralt in Bestform.

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    2-3 Stunden gezockt, macht jetzt schon richtig richtig Spaß! Ich liebe die Spielwelt, alles so schön harmonischund bunt

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    Ist das eigentlich mit auf der dics dieser goty edition drauf, oder nur zum Runterladen?

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    Ist auf der Disc

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