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Destiny - Fragen und Antworten Thread

Diskutiere Destiny - Fragen und Antworten Thread im Destiny 2 Forum im Bereich Shooter; Mir ist Vanilla das erste mal bei Mario Kart "Vanilla Lake" begegnet und ihr so?......

  1. #10361
    KamiKateR 1990
    Mir ist Vanilla das erste mal bei Mario Kart "Vanilla Lake" begegnet und ihr so?...

  2. Anzeige
    Hallo Pancho,

    schau Dir mal diese Ratgeber an. Vielleicht findest du dort etwas für dich.
    Registrieren bzw. einloggen, um diese und auch andere Anzeigen zu deaktivieren
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    Zitat Zitat von KamiKateR 1990 Beitrag anzeigen
    Mir ist Vanilla das erste mal bei Mario Kart "Vanilla Lake" begegnet und ihr so?...
    Vanilla Ice

  4. #10363
    Die wichtigste Mahlzeit ist der Troll zum Frühstück

  5. #10364
    KamiKateR 1990
    Und hat hier jmd schon den
    Patch angefangen zu ziehen?^^

  6. #10365
    Gibt es den schon ?

  7. #10366
    Zitat Zitat von TheBigDADDY80 Beitrag anzeigen
    Gibt es den schon ?
    da welche die bei mir in der party sind noch spielen können denke ich nicht!

  8. #10367
    Nein, ist noch nicht da. Habe es gerade getestet. Konsole auf Schnellstart und gute Nacht 🏻

  9. #10368
    Der Router ist gerade richtig am Werkeln. Glaub da ist was im Anmarsch

  10. #10369
    Zitat Zitat von TheBigDADDY80 Beitrag anzeigen
    Der Router ist gerade richtig am Werkeln. Glaub da ist was im Anmarsch

  11. #10370
    Wenn alles gut läuft, wird um 21 Uhr gezockt. Oder die Server brechen zusammen.

  12. #10371
    Patch ist live

  13. #10372
    Xbox neu starten. Dann kann man das Update laden.

  14. #10373
    Zitat Zitat von KamiKateR 1990 Beitrag anzeigen
    Mir ist Vanilla das erste mal bei Mario Kart "Vanilla Lake" begegnet und ihr so?...
    Darf ich hier nicht schreiben wo. Ist ab 18 ....

  15. #10374
    2.0.0 - The one to prepare for Oryx.

    This update begins Destiny Year Two. It contains sweeping changes that will impact the way we all play. Prepare for the arrival of The Taken King.

    Player Character
    Character Level Cap raised to 34 for all players
    Your Character Level will be grandfathered into your highest possible Light Level from all gear in your inventory and vault
    Character Level Cap will be increased to 40 on 9/15 (requires The Taken King)
    Character Level and Light are now separate stats
    Light is now calculated by the average of the Attack and Defense scores of all your gear
    Weapons, Ghosts, Class Items, and Artifacts now all contribute to Light
    Grimoire Score has been moved from the Character Nameplate and now displays in the Character Screen
    Attack Power values on weapons and gear have been renormalized in preparation for the Taken King
    Year 1 Attack and Defense values caps have been renormalized for Year 2 (previously 365 Attack is now 170 Attack)
    All Defense values are now on the same scale as Attack
    Weapon damage numbers and combatants have been scaled against renormalized Attack and Defense values
    Outgoing and Incoming damage has been changed to reflect new Light system
    Ability Damage is directly computed from your Light Score
    Player Health is directly computed from your Light Score
    Weapon Damage is heavily weighted by both your Light score and the Attack value of the weapon

    Intellect, Strength, and Discipline now only change their effect in fixed tiers
    Intellect, Strength, and Discipline stats now display their tier and the exact duration of the effect on the tooltip in the Character Screen
    Orb generation is now capped to a maximum of 8 orbs at once when wearing exotic armor items that increase orb spawning rates
    Increased Recovery stat time at low end by 1 second and Reduced high end reduced timer by 2 seconds. These were re-normalized Recovery stat effects to make a more compelling character stats choice
    Pulse Grenades secondary effect distance are now globally 8 meters (Thermal and Void: 7 -> 8 meters, Arc: 9 -> 8 meters). Detonation distance still unchanged at 7 meters
    Pulse Grenade fuse times have been reduced
    Thermal Pulse (Incendiary Grenade) base detonation and damage have been increased to unify stats with other Pulse Grenades
    Fixed an issue where perks that grant additional super energy for grenade kills did not work correctly in the Crucible

    Line attacks (Fist of Havoc Shockwave and Arc Blade Razor’s Edge) can now no longer penetrate Ward of Dawn

    Golden Gun Damage increased (350 -> 360) to ensure it consistently killed opponents in the Crucible
    Arc Blade can now generate up to 6 Orbs when geared with exotic armor that increase orb spawning rates
    Blink movement ability activation delay increased by 0.07 seconds (0.26 seconds to 0.33 seconds)
    Blink movement ability visuals now changed to better telegraphing direction: clearer activation FX and trail FX
    Blink Strike now does Arc Damage
    Arc Bolt grenades (Thermal and Arc) damage reduced by 25% to 75 damage
    Arc Bolt Range reduced by 11% to 8 meters
    Flux Grenade tracking shape volume has been changed to reduce tracking aggressiveness

    Armor Bonus perk "Strength of the Ram" (found on exotic helmet, The Ram) has been reduced (5->3)
    Fixed an issue where Sunsingers who self-resurrected from Fireborn were given a free orb upon respawn
    Fireborn Sunsingers must now successfully kill to spawn orbs

    Read our detailed review of weapon change philosophies.

    Auto Rifles
    Base Damage increased across all archetypes
    Damage Falloff now starts closer to the player to emphasize its role as a close range weapon
    Base Stability reduced slightly. Landing consistent precision shots require more weapon control
    Damage done against AI combatants increased by 30%
    Pulse Rifles
    All Stable (low recoil) Pulse Rifles (i.e., Hopscotch Pilgrim) now use "Medium" Rate-of-Fire base stats
    "Medium" Pulse Rifle's Rate-of-Fire has slightly increased, but with base Damage reduced slightly (2.5%)
    PVP: Bursts-to-kill (all precision hits) is 2 or 3, depending on victim’s Armor stat
    Magazine Size increased on all base stats
    Base Stability reduced slightly. Landing consistent precision shots require more weapon control
    Damage done against AI combatants increased by 25%
    Scout Rifles
    Base Damage increased slightly for "Medium" to "High" Rate-of-Fire Scout Rifles. Small adjustment, does not change shots-per-kill in PVP against another Guardian with full health
    Magazine Size increased on all base stats
    Accuracy when firing from hip is reduced
    Damage done against AI combatants increased by 5%
    Hand Cannons
    Damage Falloff distance has been reduced to be closer to the player to limit long range lethality
    Accuracy while in Aim-Down-Sights reduced slightly, making long range snap-shooting less reliable
    Accuracy when firing from hip is reduced
    Magazine Size reduced on all base stat settings
    Base Optics (zoom) reduced so Aiming Down Sights grants more width (in favor for depth)
    Shotgun precision damage scalar grants 10% bonus damage (Was 25%)
    Shot Package perk reduces the cone spread by 20% (was 50%)
    Rangefinder perk adds a 10% base Range increase on zoom (was 20)
    Damage done against AI combatants reduced by 45% ( 2.25-> 1.15)
    Sniper Rifles
    Final Round perk now buffs precision damage, not base damage. This change only affects this perk when combined with Sniper Rifles
    Fusion Rifles
    Fusion Rifles now no longer get more accurate with each projectile fired
    Fusion Rifles that are slow charging, high impact now have a slightly lower base Range value, making it harder to max out
    range for these weapons
    Accuracy increased for low range Fusion Rifles; Accuracy reduced for high range Fusion Rifles
    Max Fusion Rifle projectile speed decreased slightly
    Damage done against AI combatants increased by 15%
    Base Reload Speed increased
    Ammo Stats for Sidearms have been reduced to match other Secondaries, but still retain starting bonus ammo
    Rocket Launchers
    Blast Radius distance slightly increased
    Grenades and Horseshoes perk proximity detonation distance reduced to 1.3 meter (was 2 meters)
    Machine Guns
    Fixed an issue with all Dead Orbit Machine Guns where attached plasteel plate failed to animate properly on reloads
    Damage done against AI combatants increased by 5%

  16. #10375
    Weapon Perks
    Reduced Damage bonuses and penalties granted from weapon barrel upgrades
    Overpenetration perk now only works on bipeds (no longer works on environment materials)
    Mulligan perk chance increased to 20%

    Year One Perks
    We have revisted all of these Year One stat perks and reduced the amount they buff your weapon stat to re-normalize against Year Two weapon lethality and reinforce specialization so players are making meaningful trade-offs on weapons.

    To compensate for the weaker stat perks from launch weapons, we added some new stat perks (introduced in House of Wolves) that provided a significant increase to a stat in exchange for a reduction in other stats. This allows players to be able to spike a stat that reinforces their specialized play style, but at a cost.

    Accelerated Coils: Reduced charge time by 50%
    Accurized Ballistics: Reduced range and damage bonus by 50%
    Aggressive Ballistics: Reduced damage bonus by 50%. Increased stability and range penalties by 100%
    Aggressive Launch: Reduced damage bonus by 50%. Increased stability and projectile speed penalty by 100%
    Confined Launch: Increased projectile speed penalty by 25%. Reduced stability bonus by 33%
    CQB Ballistics: Reduced range bonus by 25%. Reduced stability bonus by 33%
    Enhanced Battery: Reduced magazine bonus by 60%
    Extended Mag: Reduced magazine bonus by 33%
    Field Choke: Reduced damage bonus by 50%. Reduced range bonus by 60%. Reduced stability penalty by 20%
    Field Scout: No longer affects magazine. Reduced inventory bonus by 37%
    Fitted Stock: Reduced stability bonus by 60%
    Flared Magwell: Reduced reload bonus by 80%
    Hammer Forged: Reduced range bonus by 50%
    Hand Loaded: Reduced range bonus by 50%
    Hard Launch: Reduced projectile speed bonus by 50%
    Heavy Payload: Reduced blast radius bonus by 50%
    Javelin: Reduced projectile speed bonus by 50%
    Linear Compensator: Reduced damage bonus by 50%
    Luck in the Chamber: Reduced damage bonus by 3%
    Perfect Balance: Reduced stability bonus by 40%
    Send It: Reduced by range bonus 40%. Inventory and equip penalties added
    Smart Drift Control: Reduced stability bonus by 40%. Reduced range penalty by 33%
    Smart Drift Control (Rocket Launcher):
    Reduced stability bonus by 40%. Reduced projectile speed penalty by 33%
    Smallbore: Reduced stability and range bonuses by 25%
    Smooth Ballistics: Stability bonus made into penalty. Range penalty is now a bonus.
    Soft Ballistics : Reduced damage penalty by 50%
    Soft Launch: Stability bonus made into penalty. Projectile speed penalty is now a bonus.
    Speed Reload: Reduced reload bonus by 80%
    Warhead Verniers: Reduced blast radius bonus by 37%. Reduced projectile speed bonus by 60%. Reduced stability penalty by 20%

    Exotic/Legendary Weapons
    Hard Light
    Base Stability increased to 80
    Hard Light projectiles now have increased bounce count
    Hard Light projectiles are now not affected by Damage Falloff
    Hard Light projectile FX updated so it is easier to track the projectile ricochets
    Suros Regime
    Stability reduced
    Added a Range boost to the Focus Fire node on the Talent Grid
    Base Stability increased to 60
    Magazine Size increased
    Cursebringer perk will now always trigger on a precision kill
    Cursebringer perk explosion radius increased and deals more damage
    Rangefinder perk has been replaced by Zen Moment
    The Last Word
    Range reduced by 10
    Base Stability reduced by 10
    Accuracy while in hip fire is increased
    Precision Damage aim assist while in hip fire is increased
    Fixed an issue where damage bonuses while in hip fire was not applying correctly
    Base Damage of Thorn DoT reduced by 1/3 for both PVE and PVP
    Thorn DOT now stacks up to 5x over multiple shots
    This is a net buff, but it is now spread over multiple shots to eliminates the PVP "2-shot walk away."
    Thorn DoT damage now correctly reports as poison
    Luck in the Chamber and Holding Aces perks now have a stacking limit of 2. Only 2 of the bonus damage perks will ever stack, which should eliminate the Hawkmoon 1-hit PVP kill to an undamaged opponent
    Holding Aces perk now increases magazine by 2 rounds
    Ammo Recharge time increased to 7 seconds between rounds (was 5 seconds)
    Reduce damage of Wolfpack Rounds by roughly 1/3
    Black Hammer
    White Nail perk now fills the magazine from your ammo reserves
    No Land Beyond
    Fixed an issue where there were overlap/parallax issues in Sights during aim-down-sights view
    Base Handling increased
    The Master perk has an increased base precision damage bonus scalar (2.6x -> 3x)
    Lord of Wolves
    Rally perk now grants +5 Recovery to allies in close proximity
    Arc detonation chance for Lightning Rounds kill increased to 50%
    Magazine size increased to offset ammo stat changes
    Vex Mythoclast
    Projectile Speed increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes
    Stability increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes
    Universal Remote
    Base Range increased by +20
    Monte Carlo
    Stability increased to compensate for global Auto Rifle Changes
    Fixed an issue where the Method perk did not only trigger when killing players or combatants. Can no longer trigger when "killing" destroyable objects
    Bad Juju
    Stability increased to compensate for global Pulse Rifle changes
    Red Death
    Stability increased to compensate for global Pulse Rifle changes
    Fixed an issue where Rate of Fire and Impact stats were displayed incorrectly. Stat values were not changed, UI display only
    Plan C
    Range increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes
    Stability increased to compensate for global Fusion Rifle changes

    Exotic Armor
    Many pieces of Exotic Armor now recolor when a Shader is applied

    An Insurmountable Skullfort
    Gain a second melee charge for Storm Fist and Sun Strike. (It doesn’t apply to Void melee yet—this is a bug I believe we have fixed in 2.0.1.)

    Spine of Young Ahamkara
    Bonus to Tripmine grenade duration increased
    Gain a second grenade charge for Tripmine grenade

    Heart of Praxic Fire
    Gain bonus Agility when Radiance is active

    Year 1 Activities have been converted into Quest system
    Year One Questlines do not require ownership of The Taken King
    You can replay the story for more experience and reputation by looking at the Quest Collections in the Tower
    The Ghost is now voiced by Nolan North
    Fallen Wolf Hunt Patrols will retreat in anticipation of the arrival of Oryx in our solar system
    Fixed an issue where "Medic" and "Blast Shield" PVP medals displayed while playing PVE activities
    Players now are required to participate in the boss fights to be eligible for end-of-activity loot.
    Bonus Loot and Reputation can now be earned via Vanguard Streak Bonuses for players who continue to recycle back into the Strike playlist without exiting to Orbit
    Burn (Arc, Void, Solar) Skulls now only increases player damage by 2x (down from 3x). Combatant damage to player is unchanged at 3x.
    Fixed an issue where the incident for completing a strike (i.e., earning the "Strikes Introduction" grimoire card) was not triggering in Strike playlists
    Prison of Elders
    Fixed an issue where the “Servitor Bonds Weakened” buff did not clear when Skolas is pushed into phase 2
    Fixed an issue where the web mine FX extended beyond effect area
    Fixed an issue where the rewards for Skolas’s Revenge does not grant "Hildian Seeker" to players who already have Ceres Galliot
    Glimmer Consumable drop rates reduced drastically from the Arena chest
    Removed the Elder Cipher exotic bounty
    These exotics now have a chance to drop from the large chest in the Queen’s Arena
    Players who were on any step of the elder cipher should receive a token to redeem at Variks for their choice of House of Wolves exotic weapon
    King's Fall
    King's Fall Raid will unlock on 09/18/15, 10AM Pacific

  17. #10376
    Quest Screen added to Menu
    The Quest Screen allows you to view all active Quests
    Quests may be abandoned, but they are recoverable at Abandoned Quest Archives at the Tower
    Each Quest has a Details Screen that describes the current and previous quest steps
    Up to four Quests can now be viewed in the Director and while in Nav Mode
    Year One Activities have been converted into Quest system
    New Questlines have been added for each Year One Subclass
    Reputation panel has been moved from the Inventory screen to the Quest Screen

    Bounty slot size increased to 16
    Incomplete Year 1 Bounties are auto-abandoned on 09/08 in preparation for The Taken King launch
    Incomplete Year 1 Exotic Bounties are auto-completed at their respective Vendors
    Bounties are now turned in for completion reward via the Quest Screen
    Bounties can now be tracked via the new Progress UI in NavMode
    Eris Year 1 bounties will be retired. Reputation with Crota's Bane can continue to be earned via TTK Quests on 09/15

    All Vendor reputation from Year One carry over
    Collections have been added to the Tower
    Shaders & Emblems Collections can be found near Eva Levante in North Tower
    Ships & Sparrow Collections can be found near Amanda Holiday in Tower Hanger
    Exotic Armor & Weapon Blueprint Collections can be found near the Class Mentors
    Vault space has been increased to store up to 72 Weapons, 72 Armors, and 36 General
    The Bounty vendor, Xander-99, has a new stock of daily Bounties
    Map droids have been removed from North Tower, Plaza, and Hangar
    Loot announcements now appear in the Tower, but have a maximum range of 10 meters

    Starting on 09/09, reputation will be earned with Banshee-44 by using his Field Test Weapons

    New Ghosts are on sale with the Speaker
    Year One Emblems have been moved to Eva Levante

    Faction Emblems are no longer purchasable but will come from faction packages instead
    Former Vanguard emblems are now unlocked at level 10 and 20 of their respective class quest chains

    Crota’s Bane
    Eris’ bounties have been retired as her ire shifts from Crota to Oryx and his Dreadnaught
    Eris reputation can now be earned weekly by killing bosses in the Crota’s End raid, or through new methods to be discovered in The Taken King’s new destination
    Eris’ reputation requirements for each rank have been adjusted to be faster
    Characters will retain any rank they currently have with Eris
    Eris’ reputation is no longer capped at Rank 4, and players will receive reward packages for Rank increases
    Players will be able to earn rewards by continuing to level up the Crota’s Bane reputation

    Queen’s Wrath
    With the launch of The Taken King, Petra will have new bounties available in the Reef upon completing a new quest
    These bounties will also drop a Treasure Key the first time one is completed each week

    Class-specific Armor materials have been deprecated in favor of a unified material
    On Sept 15th, Vanguard Quartermaster Roni-9940 will exchange old materials for new ones
    Fixed a bug where item upgrade UI was triggering when nothing was actually earned
    Armor dismantle now makes a sound when dismantling is complete
    Year Two Weapon Telemetries have now been combined per weapon slot instead of per weapon type

    Preview Event
    The Taken King maps will be available for all players to preview for free 09/08 until 09/15
    Rift game mode will be available for all players to preview for free 09/08 until 09/15
    Crucible Daily will not be available on 09/08 and will resume on 09/15
    Mayhem Clash game mode will be available for all players to preview for free from 09/11 until 09/15

    House of Wolves maps (Widow’s Court, Black Shield, Thieves’ Den) are now available to all Destiny players
    Year 1 Platform-exclusive maps (The Timekeeper, Exodus Blue) are now available to all Destiny players
    Added a new Mercy rule that will end blowout games early
    When the Mercy Rule hits, Shaxx will call out the end of the match. We immediately disable join in progress to prevent any additional players from joining the game (if anyone has dropped already) and reset the game clock to 10 seconds. After those 10 seconds, the match will end normally. All players will receive their end of match rewards and return to matchmaking.
    More detail about this system can be found here
    Legendary Loot drop rates have been increased
    PVP post-game scoreboards now use abbreviated names
    Hover over these stat headers to see more detailed information on what each stat tracks
    The PGCR now does not display the "Score" column if the mode does not have individual player scores
    Shaxx will now comment on multi-kills and kill streaks
    "Victory Imminent" voice-over will no longer play when there is less than 30 seconds remaining in Crucible matches

    Salvage and Rift are now core Crucible playlists
    The Taken King maps are now included in the core Crucible playlists

    Added set of new Crucible medals
    Buckshot Bruiser, Machine Lord, Sharpshooter, and Master Blaster medals can now be earned multiple times in a row (if you're awesome enough)
    Fixed an issue where "First Place Kill" score bonus (which triggers the "Uprising" medal) was awarded when killing the highest scoring player on the winning team, instead of the highest scoring player in the match

    Widow’s Court
    Added invisible physics to keep players from hiding in the ivy overlooking the courtyard Heavy Ammo

    Game Types
    Reduced Salvage score limit from 10000 to 7500, as our data showed too many games were ending to the time limit
    Modified the base 3v3 options to have a 7-second min respawn timer
    Modified the base 3v3 options to have a 7-second min respawn timer
    Changed special ammo crate timing for Inferno Clash, Inferno Control and Inferno Rumble modes to 2 minutes (small team modes will remain at 3 minutes)
    Removed heavy ammo crates from all Inferno playlists
    Placing in the top 3 in Rumble playlists now counts as a win for Quest Step purposes
    Bastion, First Light, and Skyshock have been added to the core Control playlist with Pikes and Interceptors disabled
    "Zone Captured" and "Zone Neutralized" scoring messages in Control will now display the zone being captured, i.e. "Zone A Captured," "Zone C Neutralized"
    Trials of Osiris
    Trials Passage Coins are now discarded by the stack rather than by the item

  18. #10377
    Super icons in kill messages are now displayed in yellow
    Added icons to kill messages for precision kills
    Super kill messages now display the name of the Super used
    Voice channel settings in Nav Mode have been moved into the Nav Mode toggle display, which also includes quests & bounties, active modifiers, and PvP Scoreboard

    Cinematics can now be skipped
    Show/Hide Helmet options now also applies to the Character Screen
    Unused update compat packs will be removed automatically on PS3 and 360 (to save HDD space)
    Fixed a crash on PS3 when cycling through too many activities
    Properly report free space required on PS3 when out of disk space
    Enabled support for game content to be loaded from USB devices on Xbox 360
    Improved Xbox One messaging and flow handling for users performing certain party options; the Pineapple error should only occur for actual malfunctions now
    Fixed an Xbox One issue with suspend/resume on certain loading screens
    If there is a valid playlist, use that for rich presence instead of the activity

    Reduced latency of kill notifications in Crucible
    Improved damage validation systems to reduce the effectiveness of players with extreme lag
    Improved accuracy of network quality meters slightly

    There are more changes scheduled to take effect with the official launch of Destiny: The Taken King. Final patch notes will be published at 2AM Pacific on September 15th, 2015.

  19. #10378
    Alter wieviel Änderungen. Das ja Wahnsinn!

  20. #10379
    Patch Live dafür Live bald DOWN, der Speed ist so im Keller, arm arm arm

  21. #10380
    War doch klar anstatt das in Wellen zu veröffentlichen. Nein man macht es weltweit typisch bungie

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